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September 09, 2007


Kitty Pentecost

I have been on Weight Watchers Flex for 14 weeks and have lost 28 pounds.

I have been hungry a lot but am scared of Core. I would love to hear more Core success stories.

And, how did you handle eating out? Looks like there isn't much Core in restaurants.

Penny McAllister

Congrats on your weight loss!

Eating out on core is very easy..lean steaks, baked potatoes (plain), grilled meats/seafood, salads with oil and vinegar, steamed/grilled veggies...just ask them to hold the butter on stuff. Sometimes you might have to add a few points for oils used in prep..2-3, but nothing like what you would do if you were counting ALL the points. You DO have 35 points you can use on stuff and you can earn APs so you can have a good salad dressing or a roll without feeling guilty.

Fast food restaurants (MickeyD, etc) are not your friend, anyway, points or core.

I love that I can eat when I'm hungry....I've never felt deprived ONCE in 18 months.

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